What To Expect

The main themes of this site are that

  • Most things are more complex than you think
  • We are not as smart as we think
  • We can compensate for that somewhat by learning to work around our limitations but to a vast amount by working together
  • There are many people who want to stop that, because they want us to work for their benefit. Divide and conquer is their main weapon, augmented by a large array of tools of deception, backed by force.
  • We need to start at the bottom, with those who are most oppressed. This is both an ethical and a practical imperative. We must pay attention to and amplify Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+, the disabled, those in poverty and more.
  • We can design better systems. The central lie of those in power, that “the invisible hand of the market” will lead to the best outcome for all is just intended to allow the hand of the powerful to be less visible than it is, but they do not believe it themselves. Or else why would they pay themselves millions per year to head large corporations and spend all their time directing them from the top?
  • We have to act now. The present climate emergency, extinction risk, the rise of fascism and decline of democracy, and today’s unprecedented inequality of wealth and power leave us with no time to waste. Those who are obstructing the change still have time to change but must be moved aside if they do not.

Underlying these main themes are a collection of thinking tools and their applications. Because of the first theme, that things are very complex, we need to find ways of thinking about complex issues by individuals and also find ways of organizing in a way that allows us to work together to solve them. This will include institutions that enable collective thinking, closely connected with those that enable collective action. The current institutions of Nation-States and “Democracy” are not designed for this. Instead they are designed to amplify the power of a few, for their personal benefit.

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