Hibiscus studies

Two of my hibiscus plants (at least one of which came from Sharon – thank you) were in flower yesterday and since I’m getting tired of snow pictures, I thought I’d try something a little brighter.  And since the flower only lasts one or two days, I can keep the pictures a little longer.

The first flower is a red flower and is quite normal for a hibiscus, though a bit pale for this particular plant, probably because it is suffering from the February blahs – not enough light.  This series of shots shows the flower from ever closer.

Hibiscus study - red flower
Hibiscus study – red flower

Sometimes these flowers remind me of organic satellite dishes but of course the petals are an enormous billboard to get the pollinating insects closer to the stamens and pistil.  And when they get closer, they will see this:

Hibiscus study - sex organs
Hibiscus study – sex organs
Hibiscus study - stigma
Hibiscus study – stigma

The other flower, from another plant, somehow failed to open completely.  It has been in this partially-open state for a couple of weeks; a sort of Peter Pan of flowers, with the benefit that it had much longer life until the cruel photographer cut it so as to get into the light.

Hibiscus study - yellow bud side
Hibiscus study – yellow bud side
Hibiscus study - yellow bud end
Hibiscus study – yellow bud end





Snow scenes from Ontario

I shouldn’t have complained yesterday; Mother Nature’s response was more of the white stuff.It was interesting to see how much she could balance on one twig or wire.  This was the heavy, wet stuff and would make a great snowman if only I didn’t have to work most daylight hours and just remove the worst of it in the remainder; no time for artistic shaping beyond the waves curling off the end of the snow shovel.

Snow in the hardwood
Snow in the hardwood forest


Snow in the back garden
Snow in the back garden
Snow in the Orchard
Snow in the Orchard

Just by way of contrast, here’s how I expect it to look in May. (From the other side).

The Orchard in May

Well, that took a long time! It’s still snowing and our Internet connection is as slow as molasses outside.  Like way back last decade when we only had dial-up!