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Hi! Welcome to my Home and Garden blog.

I am Eric Lawton, I live with my wife on the Oak Ridge Moraine in Ontario, near Pontypool on the southern edge of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada.

This blog is mostly about the wildlife on the moraine around my home, that we call Cedar Sands.  It is mostly pictures of the neighborhood. but includes pictures from my travels in North American Europe.

There’s a few other things included as I occasionally document family events.  There are a few blog entries from regular events but otherwise there are pages like the Canon Slade one that documents my old school or an event like a wedding, but I usually take those down after a while.

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In case you’re only interested in some of the topics I write about, or want to see everything on a topic, I have organized things into categories and also by tags.

If you have a wide screen, you will see options to search or view by category on the left, and a tag cloud.  otherwise (e.g. if you are viewing this on a mobile device or you have a small window for your3 bar icon browser), there should be a 3-bar icon next to the title at the top of the blog. If you click on that you will get the same options.

Either way, you should then see options for viewing or to find my twitter account or other blog.

About Cedar Sands

We are on the Pigeon River, about a mile downstream of the headwaters.  We call our house “Cedar Sands” because there are sand dunes around the house and the predominant tree is the Eastern Red Cedar.  The Eastern and Red parts are accurate. Two out of three isn’t bad, and they do look superficially like cedars.   On the other side of the house is more hardwood, with black cherry, sugar maple, oak, birch,…. Unfortunately most of the elm died of dutch elm disease, but they produce a fine crop of fungus. Anyway, I’m keeping you from the pictures which will tell you more.

About Me

I retired from a career as an IT architect, designing and providing technical leadership in the construction of large-scale automated systems for a variety of problem spaces, from river modeling to social services. You won’t find that much in evidence here, but now I have more time it may crop up on my general purpose blog where I intend to write more on science, public policy, philosophy and anything else that catches my fancy.

My education  is mostly scientific, but theoretical.  Maths, Physics and Philosophy.  Also not much in evidence on this blog.

My “career“ did include making wire rope (mostly for drilling rigs),  social work and running a grain elevator, prior to the architecture which was a progression from programming.

My interests remain in science, math and philosophy but the last led me astray into history, politics and almost everything else except professional sports.  You can see my political and other thoughts on my other blog.  I keep them separate but cross-referenced just for the convenience of those who don’t like to see a good political discussion marred by bird pictures or vice versa.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Eric, saw your photo of the grey large thistle. Have you identified it? We have a couple just like it and have not found any info on it. Any information would be great.

    1. I believe it is a cotton thistle. I got it from my wife’s uncle Herb – they look particularly impressive when they get big (about 2.2m=7ft) at dusk when they catch the fading light. There are some interesting facts about them on The Cloisters blog (Met Museum).

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