To see the world in a drop of water And a Heaven in a Tame Flower

OK, not quite what William Blake wrote, but close enough.

I took this shot through a drop forming on the end of an icicle, then flipped it over so you can see the refracted image the right side up.

Water drop
The world in a drop of water

You can see our cars parked on the snow in front of the house and, behind that, the woods with the sun low in the sky.

Although Blake’s poem referred to wild flowers, you can imagine there aren’t many out yet, since there is still over a foot of snow.  Luckily, I have some house plants in bloom, including this orchid which nicely shows a bud, an opening bud, a fully open bloom and the dying remnants of one, all on one stem.

Orchid: Birth, bloom and death

I also like this wax plant, glistening with the sugar it excretes:

Wax Plant (Hoya)
Wax Plant (Hoya)

They’re quite fragrant, too.


Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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