Baking day at our house

On Christmas morning I had no idea what a tagine was. In fact, my spell-checker still doesn’t, do you?  Well, I got one for Christmas so today was the day to try it out.  It is a Moroccan slow cooker.  I checked the Internet for recipes and found one for Moroccan Tagine Lamb and as luck would have it, I had all the ingredients.

First the meat, marinated in spices and mixed with fried onions and garlic.

Tagine Moroccan Lamb - first layer
Tagine Moroccan Lamb – first layer

Then I garnished it with olives

Tagine Moroccan Lamb – garnished with olives

put the conical lid on and put in a slow oven for 2½ to 3 hours.  It was delicious and luckily I had some couscous around too, which is a traditional accompaniment.

If you spotted the flour in the background, you might have guessed I made bread too.  Not with that flour, I used whole wheat but didn’t have enough left to dust my hands while kneading.
This is just before it went in the oven:

Raw bread

and this is what came out:

Italian loaf and a roll


Buns – (Flour cakes, or baps for those who speak English or Scots)

Makes me feel sorry for this guy, but he prefers his cold fat with seeds.


Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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