Milkweed freedom day

Although the winds blew many of the leaves off the trees over the last week, the milkweed has been hanging on to its seeds:

Milkweed Seeds
Milkweed Seeds

But today there was a light breeze and they made their bid for freedom:

Milkweed Seeds 2
Free the seeds!

Off to make more Monarch caterpillar food.

On the subject of feed seeds, I don’t know what animal made this cache of pine cones.  Squirrel?  It obviously didn’t know that “cache” means “hidden”.

Pine cone cache
Pine cone cache

Not all the leaves are gone, though. The beech keep their dead leaves all year, and the oaks hang on to theirs for a while longer:

Oak leaves - Poplar background
Oak leaves – Poplar background


Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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