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I officially retired a month ago but prior to that spent a couple of months traveling in the USA and then a month of holiday, overlapping with my retirement date, in the UK.  So I wasn’t home long enough to write this blog; it is hard to do on a phone, no matter how smart.

But now I’ll have some time so I am going to catch up with all the photos I have taken in the last few months but I’ll mix the flashbacks with some current news.

Our vacation in the UK was based in Morecambe Bay but also covered the south of Scotland, South Wales and side trips to Portsmouth, Cornwall and a fair bit of Northern England.

My dad lives in Morecambe, about 15 minutes walk from the Bay.  Dotted around the coast are the villages of Heysham, Silverdale, Arnside, Grange and more.

Morecambe Bay can be a dangerous place.  The worst incident was 11 years ago when 21 migrants were killed, picking cockles (shellfish).

The sign explains:

Warning sign
Warning sign

The sign doesn’t mention the tidal bore because the sign is in Silverdale and the bore is only seen at Arnside but it is a wall of water that roars in like an express train.  I have seen people run from it, abandoning all their fishing gear, then think maybe they can get their stuff and finally realise that they’d better think about their own safety.  The cockle pickers were too far out to reach a safe place.

However, in spite of all danger, your intrepid reporter took lots of pictures of wildlife and other items of interest all around the Bay as well as from the side trips.

However, it got late again, so the rest of the tale will have to wait another day for the next episode, though I thought it was time I at least got started.

I’ll leave you with a nicer picture of the Bay.

Morecambe Bay from Silverdale
Morecambe Bay from Silverdale


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