Bigger (red-tailed?) hawk

The larger hawk now seems to be a regular around our garden though it doesn’t come quite as close to the house as the smaller one.  For now, I’m guessing it is a red-tailed hawk although I didn’t get a good look at the back of its tail. Maybe it’s not old enough to have turned more red and as it is new to the garden, that could be it.

Red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed hawk (?)

As usual, I just got it starting to fly but only got a few feathers on the next shot.  Must learn to hold the button down for a few more frames.

Red-tailed hawk 2
Red-tailed hawk 2

For comparison, here is a repeat of the smaller one, a little over ½ the size.

Are you staring at me
Sharp-shinned hawk (?)

Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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