Family Christmas Party

Family Christmas Party

It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  Travel, illness (flu) and organizing large parties has eaten all my spare time.

Still, here’s one party, the family Christmas party on the 27th.  There were 64 people by Julie’s count, a nice round number (in binary).

I’m going to post the pictures that more or less turned out or it will be even longer before anything gets posted.  Since this is most topical, I’ll do this first and then work backwards to our smaller Christmas Day party (16 people, also a nice round binary number).

These are just the people who stayed still enough to be better than a blur while I had the camera out and a very few who posed nicely.

In the first one, Laurie’s painting looks like an extra guest, joining the conversation.

Al Chris Tara Cindy-4 Cards Carol singing 2

Laurie says the next one has weird colours on her computer but they look fine on mine. Let me know in comments if it does on yours too and I’ll try to fix.Carol singing-12 Chris Tara Colin Joanne-7 Craig Linda Danny and Charlie-2 David Robbie-8 Group 1-9 Group 2-11 Group 3 Group 4 Group 6 Julie Kathryn Lily Kitchen party-13 Smoking room

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