Moth week

It took another week, but here at last are my moth week pictures.  There were nowhere near as many moths as last year, perhaps because it was much cooler in the evenings this year.

First I had to get ready. Lights set up to shine through a sheet on the window.  Note the moth orchid mascot.

Moth week setup - inside
Moth week setup – inside

Plank between ladders as platform for tripod.  My wife said “you are very strange”, but I can’t really deny that.

Moth week setup - outside
Moth week setup – outside

The first moth didn’t need any set up – it came to the front of the house and I found it on one of the pillars holding up the porch roof.

Elm Sphinx moth
Elm Sphinx moth

This related Sphinx moth, below, has a surprise for would-be predators, when it opens its wings.

Blinded Sphinx moth - wings closed
Blinded Sphinx moth – wings closed
Blinded Sphinx Moth
Blinded Sphinx Moth

The next one gets its name from the scribbles, similar to some people’s handwriting.  I like its name.  The moth is very metallic-looking so is hard to photograph in the dark.  This one preferred the window glass to my sheet so there are many reflections.

Lettered Habrosyne - side view
Lettered Habrosyne – side view
Lettered Habrosyne moth
Lettered Habrosyne moth
Painted lichen moth
Painted lichen moth

Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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