Why am I watering my ladder?

Don’t I know that’s not how you make it longer?  Well, yes, even I’m not that dumb.

  • Well, I used it to try to clear my chimney after the house filled with smoke – I think a bird built a nest in there.
  • But the roof was too icy and I couldn’t get on it.
  • But meanwhile the feet of the ladder froze to the ground and I couldn’t move it.
  • So I had to tilt it away from the roof as the squirrels were using it to get on the roof and drop to the peanut feeder.
  • Which is hazardous to my health as I have to climb the step ladder (background) to fill it and squirrels empty it too fast.
  • So I tilted the ladder away from the roof but now it is slowly thawing and risking breaking the dogwood bushes.
  • So I put hot water in the watering can and got the feet out.
  • Simple!
Watering the Ladder
Watering the Ladder


Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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