Redwinged blackbirds return (to a snowstorm)

The blackbirds always migrate so this is the first real spring bird.  Foolish creature, we’re having another snow storm.  I hope the robins aren’t too close; although the blackbirds eat at the feeder so should survive until the thaw, I have never seen a robin feeding except on the ground which is still 20-40 cms deep in snow.

The redwinged blackbirds live next door on the edge of a dugout in the swamp, nesting among the cattails but are usually at the feeder daily throughout the season.  They need to watch out for the snapping turtles which are the nearest we get to alligators.

Redwinged Blackbird
Redwinged Blackbird

He is probably hungry (didn’t see the female yet) after his long journey.  He stayed at the feeder for quite a while, through several changes of species.

Redwinged Blackbird 2
Redwinged Blackbird 2

While I had the camera out, I took a picture of the nuthatch – a year-round resident.


Author: Eric Lawton

Eric is a natural philosopher living in rural Ontario

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