Violation of Rights on Wet’suwet’en land

Here is a letter I have sent the responsible Government Ministers for Canada and BC, to ask them not to violate the sovereignty of the Wet'suwet'en Nation. We cannot, as Canadians, permit this to happen. To: The Honourable Scott Fraser, Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, British Columbia The Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment [...]

The phrase “Taxpayer’s money” is right-wing propaganda

The phrase “taxpayer’s money” is almost always propaganda that should be resisted by all who support progressive politics. A better phrase is “public money”, so why do so many news media articles use it? Probably laziness because it is used in press releases by “small government” propagandists who want to cut taxes, usually in the [...]

Decisions and Decisions Management

Introduction Why read this? “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen” Decisions can be hard to make, but that effort is wasted if they are not implemented as intended and revisited as circumstances change, perhaps requiring change in the decision. This essay is a sketch of my experience and inquiry into all three steps [...]

Working Together for Democracy and Science

Science is needed to save democracy Democracy doesn't work if its participants support parties through blind loyalty as if they were their home-town sports team, it works through reasoned debate built on facts supported by evidence and reason. Roughly speaking, that’s science, although other disciplines are needed, such as history, journalism, philosophy and politics itself, [...]

“But Jobs” does not justify every project

We constantly hear of various industries such as oil and gas argue “but it will cost jobs” or “it will create more jobs” as an smokescreen for the continued plundering of the environment or other destructive activities. Every large project, even the most destructive, creates jobs. This does NOT necessarily mean that they are a [...]

“Free will” is an ethical concept, not physics

Academic philosophers (or the physicists who like to chime in) like to debate whether we have free will, because our brains are physical things, subject to the laws of physics. A fun puzzle, but there is a deeper, more important question to answer. Free will is not just a philosophical puzzle, it is an important [...]

The Biology of Giant Starships

Extracted from a popular science article by Jamie Ka, a human field biologist on board the Giant Starship HMS Beagle en route to Messier 4. Introduction The giant starships are a species of interstellar beings that evolved from vessels constructed by Primary beings from a variety of planets. Convergent evolution, with considerable exchange of genetic material, makes it [...]

When will self-driving cars first go on strike?

Introduction I have written a short story to explore one possible way in which robots may become more like people and with a certain amount of conflict, to show that there are many different ways in which that may happen, rather than the more feared Terminator-style killer robots. I also intend it as a sort [...]